14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (2024)

Light and Bright


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (1)

White walls and plenty of overhead light transform this basem*nt into a bright spot that’s conducive to study, sleep or guitar practice. Satin ceiling paint reflects ambient light into the bedroom, and light tones, interspersed with spot color on the bedside tables, give this below-grade room an above-ground feel. Proving that wall art doesn’t have to be pricey, the savvy decorators of this basem*nt bedroom picked inexpensive hardwood planking to add a warm touch to the wall.

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Nautical Bedroom


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (2)

All hands on deck! An open floor plan, geometric patterns and a seafaring theme turn this basem*nt apartment into a maritime retreat. Bold royal blue and white striped walls draw the eye upward to the porthole wall lights. A clear wood and plastic railing and a view-through window to the kitchen visually expand the narrow room, while a quirky anchor motif on the pillows brings home the kid-friendly nautical theme.


Dark Room


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (3)

Cool gray walls paired with bright white trim create a sleek and classic feel in this comfortable basem*nt bedroom. Light-colored carpet and white ceilings complement the charcoal walls, while contrasting touches of bold red on the bed and console table give the room a perky lift. The handcrafted wood-plank headboard serves as a focal point and adds a natural warm element to offset the gray walls.

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Natural Elements


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (4)

Clean lines and welcoming earth tones give this basem*nt bedroom a cozy country chic vibe. Crisp white blinds provide a homey sense of privacy while allowing welcome light to stream into the room. Natural elements on the headboard, nightstand, and dried arrangement provide an extra element of rustic comfort.


Lavender and Aqua


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (5)

Muted blues, lavender, and aqua set a tranquil tone in this demure basem*nt bedroom—perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Drywall-finished ceilings and recessed lights make the room light and livable, while providing spot illumination for bedtime reading.

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Cozy Retreat


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (6)

Kick back and relax! This basem*nt bedroom has all the hallmarks of upstairs comfort, with a bright window, fluffy duvet, and rustic wood accents. Overhead recessed lighting is a design must in low basem*nt ceilings where bulkier light fixtures would be in the way, while the addition of a widescreen TV turns the room into a lounge-friendly space.


Colorful Pad


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (7)

Power up! Geometric forms, thick shaggy rugs, and a lively use of color turn this basem*nt into a refreshing retro hideaway. Contrasting triangular motifs and a bright mix of red and lime green accents pump up the room’s energy level to help you forget you're underground.

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Splashes of Color


The enduring beauty of the classic blue-and-white motif creates a spa-like atmosphere in this basem*nt flat. An abundance of tiny recessed lights illuminates every corner of the room, sending shadows scurrying. A charcoal gray dresser in the corner grounds the room, offering a welcome contrast to the snowy white walls and ceiling.


Spacious Studio


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (9)

Shades of gray and a whisper of black balance this predominately light basem*nt bedroom, creating a contemporary look that is easy on the eyes. Soft sandstone tile underfoot and natural wood stairs warm up the basem*nt’s cool color theme, giving the large apartment a lived-in feel. Colorful book bindings take center stage in the charcoal bookcase, adding a lively dash of visual intrigue.

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Calming Cream


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (10)

Serenity and softness abound. Gentle cream hues and welcoming wall sconces enhance the limited natural light in this Seattle basem*nt. Reassuring and relaxing, the deep brown flooring brings out the warm tones in the walls and bed. A well-placed floor mirror reflects back on the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.


Daybed Room


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (11)

Perfect for a nap! Off-white walls get a visual boost from soft gray and yellow accents. This narrow basem*nt bedroom is surprisingly lovely with its clean simple lines and floor-length sheer curtains that create the illusion of a taller window. Gold tones in the artwork bring out the soft yellow tones in the daybed, giving the whole room dreamy look.

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Zillow Digs home in Baltimore, MD

Grey Escape


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (12)

Can you believe this bedroom is located in a basem*nt? Elegant gray and white combine beautifully in this Baltimore bedroom. Yellow-centric geometric designs on the bed are repeated on the bedside lamp shade—a sunny hint of color in a sea of calming gray. Pure white trim, white cabinet doors and a gray floor give the room a crisp, yet welcoming, appeal.

Zillow Digs home in Baltimore, MD

Mint Mindfulness


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (13)

The softest shade of mint brings a sense of bliss to this small basem*nt bedroom's walls. A strategically placed mirror opposite the window, doubles the modest amount of available natural light. White trim, a white lamp shade, and a bevy of fluffy white pillows soften the room’s angular lines. A whimsical cow print on a striking red background draws the eye and lightens the mood.

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Mixed Patterns


14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (14)

Rich texture combinations and foliar wall art bring out a woodsy feel in this bedroom hideaway. This basem*nt is a great example of making the best of what you have. A bold wood-plank accent wall and a geometric comforter directs the eye away from less lovely details like a electrical panel and basem*nt support beam, which has been painted a shiny gray to help it blend in with the sidewalls of the same color.


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14 Tips for a Cozy Basem*nt Bedroom (2024)
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