40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (2024)

Looking to transform your home into a rustic retreat? Add charming accents to your space to create a farmhouse-inspired rustic home. All it takes is a few unique pieces and you can create a whole new feel. Check out our amazing products and stylish home goods that will make your home into the farmhouse you’ve always dreamed about. With an abundance of farmhouse decor products to choose from, you will never run out of ideas to decorate your home. Utilize Shutterfly’s personalization tools to make your farmhouse decor customized to your specific style.

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No matter your decor needs, we have rustic options that will add extra life to your home. From coffee tables to wood shelving we’ve collected options that you can copy exactly or modify to fit your tastes. Kickstart your decorating projects by looking through our 40 rustic home decor ideas and shop Shutterfly today.

Enhance your rustic look even more with statement pieces. Design wood wall art or a personalized photo frame. Every piece you add will bring your rustic oasis to life.

1. DIY Plank Wall

Want to highlight a wall with a look that resembles shiplap? Try a plank wall you can build yourself. Paint your planks white or keep them natural.

2. Farmhouse Dining Table

Bring a cozy, farmhouse feel right into your dining room. Build a table out of beautiful wood slabs and white painted table legs.

3. Rustic Matting

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (7)

Source: Shutterfly

Transform any photo into rustic home decor by using matting that resembles wood. Choose joyful family photos from walks in the park or playing in the field.

4. Milk Can Coffee Table

A unique coffee table is a great conversation starter. Repurpose a vintage milk can by making it the base for your table, then secure a rounded wood piece to the top.

5. Floral Crowned Deer Head

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (9)

Source: A Pretty Fix

For decor that’s rustic, modern and bright, design your own floral crowned deer head. If you don’t have access to a deer skull, craft your piece out of antlers, branches or driftwood. Fasten assorted fabric flowers with a floral wire and loop them to your deer head.

6. Vintage Twist

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (10)

Source: Tim Wright

An antique touch, like a patterned chair or couch, can make a stunning statement in a living room or bedroom. Consider vintage patterns for accent items, too, like pillows and rugs.

7. Wood Crate Centerpiece

Fashion a wooden box for decorations like pumpkins, flowers and candles. Give it a country decor feel by keeping the wood its natural color.

8. Clipboard Art

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (12)

Source: Shutterfly

Hang clipboards above a desk or in your kitchen for displaying photos and magazine articles. Choose wooden clipboards for a more rustic appearance.

9. Rustic Christmas Decor

Looking for DIY rustic decor that utilizes driftwood? Tie pieces of string from your driftwood and secure festive accents in red and green for holiday decor.

10. Wooden Coffee Table

Build a charming coffee table for your living room. Keep your materials as rustic as possible with a wooden surface and white farmhouse legs. Set books and mason jars full of fresh flowers on your table for additional texture and personality.

11. Log Candle Holder

Turn logs into stylish candle holders by drilling a hole that matches the size of a battery-operated tea light. Surround your candles with decor for the season, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or springtime.

12. Upholstered Farmhouse Bench

Place a beautiful, comfy farmhouse bench at the end of your bed or in your guest room. It’ll be a convenient place to put on your socks or fold clean laundry.

13. Wooden Flower Planter

Give your porch or patio some rustic flair by transforming a wooden log into a flower planter. Carve out space for soil, then fill it with flowers like pansies, daffodils or begonias.

14. Rustic Wood Art

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (18)

Source: Skye Studios

Paint wooden panels with a neutral color like white or grey. Overlay the surface with letter decals or stenciling. Choose an uplifting quote, phrase or verse to bring extra joy to your home.

15. Unique Shelving

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (19)

Source: Shutterfly

Find quirky storage furniture at a second-hand shop or estate sale. Add wooden slabs to create a rustic feel. Fill your shelves with books, picture frames and statement pieces like trophies.

16. Living Room Hutch

Store your decorative bowls and pitchers in an antique hutch. Place it in your living room for gorgeous farmhouse decor that’s also practical.

17. Farmhouse Cabinets

Wooden cabinets and armoires give a quaint, cozy feeling to a bathroom, laundry room or entryway. Build cabinets yourself or find them at vintage shops and antique stores.

18. Wood Burned Picture Frame

Enhance a wooden frame with a wood burning kit. Get creative with stripes, polka dots or hearts.

19. Tiered Cake Stand

Stack wood slices with sturdy glassware for a tiered rustic stand. Fill each level with muffins, cupcakes or freshly baked cookies.

20. DIY Rustic Coffee Table

Rummage through antique shops and thrift stores for a table with a rustic look. Adhere pieces of stained wood for a beautiful surface. You’ll have an attractive coffee table for your living room, basem*nt or den.

21. Rustic Wood Frame

Construct rustic wood frames for your photos and artwork. Stain your wood in a color that compliments your tables, dressers and other furniture.

22. Basket Storage

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (26)

Source: Stephanie Studer

Accent pieces strengthen the decor scheme throughout your home. Choose baskets with a rustic flair, like ones with wooden features or a wicker base.

23. Driftwood Succulent Planter

All you need for this DIY rustic decor project are simple materials—like a piece of driftwood and succulents. Adhere your plants to the driftwood using floral glue, then place this stunning piece on your mantel or dining room table.

24. DIY Farmhouse Sign

Refurbish an existing sign or build your own with stained wooden slabs. Paint the center portion white, then add a quote or inspiring phrase.

25. Wooden Shelves

Looking for beautiful wood craft ideas? Put your woodworking skills to practice by building rows of shelves across a wall. Store your dishes, picture frames and other keepsakes in the cubbies.

26. Earthy Accent Pillows

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (30)

Source: Shutterfly

Fashion pillow covers out of burlap for comfy accents that carry a country feel. Paint on a monogram letter or ‘XO’ symbols.

27. Aged Labels

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (31)

Source: Annie Spratt

Wrap your bottles and jars with labels that resemble the old-timey countryside. Create your own labels with vintage font and brown paper.

28. Terracotta Pots

Make your potted herbs one-of-a-kind with a whitewash look. Add your pots of basil, sage and rosemary to a brightly-lit window shelf or back patio.

29. Pinecones and Berries

Rustic decoration ideas often involve natural materials like pinecones, driftwood and greenery. Collect pinecones and holly berries, then arrange them in a glass jar for a table accent or mantel art piece.

30. DIY Deer Head Wall Mount

Add statement DIY wall art to your home with a paper mâché deer head. Paint the head and antlers in a solid color then adhere it to a framed wooden board.

31. Wood Slice Art

Etch a quote or phrase into a wood slice with a wood burning tool. Add personality with simple shapes like hearts and stars.

32. Cedar Chest Coffee Table

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (36)

Source: Funcycled

Repurpose a cedar chest into a stylish coffee table. Its charming persona fits well in a living room, cottage or cabin.

33. Brick Gallery Wall

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (37)

Source: Shutterfly

Arrange framed artwork and canvas prints on brick to create a gallery wall. Choose a variety of photo styles—from landscapes to portraits—for a vibrant, eye-catching spread.

34. Burlap Photo Board

Cover a cork board with a piece of burlap, then secure strands of twine in even rows. Clip your photos to the board using clothespins. The best part of this photo board is that you can swap out photos anytime.

35. Cedar Centerpiece

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (39)

Source: Dane Deaner

Start with a wood slice as the foundation for your centerpiece. Place pine cones, candles or a succulent jar on top for a balanced arrangement—great for a coffee table or dining room.

36. Rustic Floral Arrangements

A rich, colorful floral arrangement like this one created by Amber Reverie stimulates the ambience of an entire room. Select blooms from the pink and red palette, then add greenery like eucalyptus for filler.

37. Hanging Jars

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (41)

Source: Artsy Vides

Recycle jars of all sizes and shapes. Design a simple hanging display by filling the jars with baby’s breath, flowers or twigs, then secure it to your wooden support with twine or jute.

38. Wooden Bowl Accents

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (42)

Source: huyen.

Fill your space with rustic decor that’s practical. Arrange wooden bowls, serving trays and cutting boards throughout your kitchen and dining room.

39. Rustic Frames

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (43)

Source: Shutterfly

Take your family photos off of your computer screen and onto your wall. Choose rustic wood frames and arrange them into a gallery with your canvas prints and wall art.

40. GPS Coordinates Sign

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (44)

Source: DIY Beautify

The best DIY rustic decor is personalized to you and your family. Determine the GPS coordinates of your home, then paint them on a wooden board.

Enhance your rustic ambiance by bringing accent pieces into your kitchen and dining room. Customize a mason jar glass for each member of your family. When you aren’t drinking out of them they make for the perfect rustic vases for flowers that are in season.

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Rustic Home Decor Ideas

If you're looking to transform your home into a rustic retreat, there are many charming accents and decor ideas you can incorporate. Here are some popular rustic home decor ideas:

  1. DIY Plank Wall: Create a shiplap-like look by building a plank wall yourself. You can paint the planks white or keep them natural [[1]].
  2. Farmhouse Dining Table: Build a cozy dining table using beautiful wood slabs and white painted table legs [[2]].
  3. Rustic Matting: Transform any photo into rustic home decor by using matting that resembles wood [[3]].
  4. Milk Can Coffee Table: Repurpose a vintage milk can as the base for a unique coffee table. Secure a rounded wood piece to the top [[4]].
  5. Floral Crowned Deer Head: Design your own floral crowned deer head using antlers, branches, or driftwood. Attach fabric flowers with floral wire [[5]].
  6. Vintage Twist: Add an antique touch to your living room or bedroom with patterned chairs, couches, pillows, and rugs [[6]].
  7. Wood Crate Centerpiece: Create a wooden box centerpiece for decorations like pumpkins, flowers, and candles [[7]].
  8. Clipboard Art: Hang wooden clipboards in your kitchen or above a desk to display photos and magazine articles [[8]].
  9. Rustic Christmas Decor: Utilize driftwood to create DIY rustic Christmas decor. Tie festive accents in red and green to the driftwood [[9]].
  10. Wooden Coffee Table: Build a charming coffee table with a wooden surface and white farmhouse legs. Decorate with books and mason jars filled with fresh flowers [[10]].

These are just a few examples of rustic home decor ideas. There are many more options to explore, including wooden shelves, rustic frames, terracotta pots, and more. Remember to personalize your decor to your specific style and preferences.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the search results I have access to, and I have cited the relevant sources accordingly.

40 Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decor Ideas (2024)
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