Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (2024)

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Searching for a looking glass with a li'l less structure? A blob mirror is what you need. Rather than rely on straight lines, this season's must-have is a looser in structure. The sweatpants and baggy fits of the interior world, if you will.

But, just as I've handed in my skinny, high-waisted denim jeans for oversized alternatives, my interior style has also undergone a more organic overhaul with slouchy silhouettes galore to give my space a high-end feel.

Historically, mirror trends included a full-length rectangular style (LED lights optional) or perhaps a starburst design. But this amorphous aesthetic has been spotted all over my TikTok FYP page. And a mirror that resembles jello is just pure vibes, isn't it? Don't worry, these function in the same fashion as "normal" mirrors, so you won't get fairground-style distortions, promise.

9 of the best blob mirrors to live your best (wavy) life

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"Asymmetric, irregularly shaped mirrors also known as ‘blob mirrors’ continue to gain popularity, as we see shoppers opting to break up the ordinary symmetry and sharpness of a space with wavy lines and organic shapes often found in nature," says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert.

"In fact, we’ve seen an 11% increase in organic shaped items on Etsy and in an increasingly technology-filled world, we’re taking inspiration from natural forms and replicating these softer, irregular lines in interiors more than ever. Blob mirrors are a simple way to elevate a space and bring visual interest with an element of playfulness to a space, whilst also easy to incorporate into existing decor."

Though most blob mirrors come with a raw edge, I've also included some with dreamy frames too.

Desk blob mirrors

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (1)Acrylic

1. Wavy Acrylic Mirror Rainbow

Price: $15.99
Size (in.): W11 x L17

Wavy + acrylic + iridescence? GTFO here! While this trio of trends might seem too good to be true, over 170 five-star ratings on Amazon say it all. This makes a great desk mirror for when you're getting ready in the morning before your seminars (cute boy across the lecture hall, we see you!) FYI, you can also lay this flat and use it as a trinket dish.

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (2)Cloud-like

2. Asymmetric Mirror

Price: $67.99
Size (in.): Not specified

This puffy, paper-framed mirror is the cloud bed's BFF. It has a hole in the back for hanging, so it can quite literally float on your wall. A light beige looker that hits the nail on the head for the Scandi and vanilla girl aesthetic.

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (3)Touchscreen switch design

3. Boosiny Asymmetrical LED Metal Dresser Mirror

Price: $174.99
Size (in.): H22.83 x W17.71

You just have to look at social media to see that good lighting is the difference between a beautifully beat face and a makeup fail (hey, pores and unblended neck). This is a must-have mirror. Love the sturdy stand so that you can focus on perfecting that foundation base. #Nofilterneeded.

Wall blob mirrors

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (4)Functional

4. Godimerhea Entryway Wall Mirror with Hooks

Price: $35.99
Size (in.): W14 x L10.25

I love it when something is multipurpose. Think dresses with pockets. Well, this entryway mirror doubles up as an organizer for your umbrella, keys, and backpack, too. I'm truly impressed!

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (5)Mid-century modern

5. Gaynell Asymmetrical Wood Wall Mirror

Price: $67.99
Size (in.): H17.5 x W21.5 x D1

Though the blob mirror is considered quite a Gen Z/millennial trend, this design has been given a warm '70s-inspired twist. The wooden frame would work wonders in your space if it's inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Small business

6. PrintedWeird Big Pastel Wavy Mirror

Price: $78.68
Size (in.): W15.7 x H22.8

If a blob mirror is a bit much for a first purchase, try this pastel wavy design on for size. It has a cool digitally designed pattern, which is then cut into sign vinyl, weeded, and applied (by hand) to the mirror.

Floor-length blob mirrors

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (7)Boucle

6. Bojoy Full Length Mirror

Price: $139.99
Size (in.): W24 x L63

Teeechhnnically-speaking this isn't a blob mirror as it's framed. But I'm obsessed with bouclé and the quiet luxury trend — so it's going in, okay? This design can be leaned against a wall or mounted for a secure fit. It's also available in a delicious-sounding milk tea color, too.

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (8)Maleficent vibes

8. Climenhaga Wavy Mirror

Price: $239.99
Size (in.): H63 x W24 x D2

If you're searching for a mirror that'll bring drama to the room, you're looking right at it. Black sponge-filled flannel gives this glass homeware its squishy shape, while the mirror itself is made of high-quality floating annealed glass and a premium silver-backed glass panel, which can prevent warping and distortion.

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (9)Chic

9. Aria Blob 23" Wall Mirror

Price: $249
Size (in.): H39 x W0.5 x L23

If you're worried about a blob mirror looking "messy" in your small apartment, I've got you. Adding a black frame instantly makes the look smarter and sleeker. It's what hair gel is to flyaway edges, girl.

Things to consider when buying a blob mirror

Not all blob mirrors are made equal, so here are some things to look out for when shopping for one:

Size: As demonstrated above, blob mirrors vary in dimensions, so you'll want one that suits the intended purpose. Only looking for a makeup mirror? You'll want a small one. But if you're looking to assess your outfit before walking out of the door, measure up for a floor-length fixture.

Glass material: Not all glass is made from sand, soda ash, and limestone. Newer "unbreakable" glass is made with acrylics, polycarbonate, and other plastics. And you know what that means? No more seven years of bad luck!

Shape: Some blobs are well... a li'l blobbier than others. You know what I mean? And while some people prefer a conservative teardrop shape, others want to go all out with a statement squiggle.

Frame: No frame, wood mount, acrylic outline. It's completely up to you. The frame might protect the mirror from chipping, but these can sometimes be pricier, depending on where you shop


Is it safe to glue a mirror to a wall?

Short answer: Yes (if you do it properly). But if you don't want to risk fines from your college RA or landlord, there are so many other ways to install a mirror on your wall. You could use picture-hanging hooks or Command strips which you can buy on Amazon. Just be sure to check the weight of your mirror to confirm these can support the design you've purchased.

How we chose these blob mirrors

NGL, it'd be a bit scary to call in nine mirrors and dot them around my apartment (plus my husband wouldn't be too impressed), so we've relied on online ratings and reviews from customers who have bought these blob mirrors.

Now that you've got your eyes on a shiny new mirror, remember to give it some TLC. Nope, I'm not talking about that '90s girl band (RIP Lisa "left eye" Lopes), I'm referring to keeping it clean. Despite what the all-female formation said... we do want scrubs when maintaining streak-free glass. Thankfully, our mirror-cleaning guide is the ultimate how-to for spotless results.

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Blob Mirrors: A Trendy Interior Design Choice Blob mirrors have become a popular choice in interior design, offering a departure from traditional rectangular or starburst designs. These mirrors feature asymmetric, irregular shapes, often resembling organic forms found in nature. They are known for their wavy lines and looser, more organic structure, adding a touch of playfulness and visual interest to any space.

Desk Mirrors

  1. Wavy Acrylic Mirror Rainbow: Priced at $15.99, this mirror has received over 170 five-star ratings on Amazon, making it a popular choice for desk use. It combines wavy, acrylic, and iridescent elements, adding a trendy touch to any space.
  2. Asymmetric Mirror: This cloud-like, puffy mirror is priced at $67.99 and features a paper frame. It can be hung on the wall, adding a whimsical touch to the Scandi and vanilla girl aesthetic.
  3. Boosiny Asymmetrical LED Metal Dresser Mirror: Priced at $174.99, this mirror features a touchscreen switch design and LED lighting, making it a must-have for perfecting makeup application.

Wall Mirrors

  1. Godimerhea Entryway Wall Mirror with Hooks: Priced at $35.99, this multipurpose mirror doubles as an organizer for keys, umbrellas, and backpacks, adding functionality to any space.
  2. Gaynell Asymmetrical Wood Wall Mirror: Priced at $67.99, this mirror combines the blob mirror trend with a warm '70s-inspired twist, featuring a wooden frame suitable for mid-century modern aesthetics.
  3. PrintedWeird Big Pastel Wavy Mirror: Priced at $78.68, this mirror offers a pastel wavy design, making it a more subtle option for those interested in the blob mirror trend.

Full-Length Mirrors

  1. Bojoy Full Length Mirror: Priced at $139.99, this mirror features a bouclé frame and can be leaned against a wall or mounted, adding a touch of quiet luxury to any space.
  2. Climenhaga Wavy Mirror: Priced at $239.99, this mirror exudes "Maleficent vibes" with its dramatic, squishy shape and high-quality glass construction.
  3. Aria Blob 23" Wall Mirror: Priced at $249, this mirror features a black frame, offering a sleek and chic option for those concerned about the mirror looking "messy" in a small apartment.

Things to Consider

When buying a blob mirror, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Choose a size that suits the intended purpose, whether it's for makeup application or assessing outfits.
  • Glass Material: Consider the type of glass used, as newer "unbreakable" glass is made with acrylics and polycarbonate.
  • Shape: Blob mirrors come in various shapes, from conservative teardrop shapes to statement squiggles.
  • Frame: Decide whether you prefer a frameless mirror, a wood mount, or an acrylic outline.


Is it safe to glue a mirror to a wall? Short answer: Yes, if done properly. Alternatively, picture-hanging hooks or Command strips can be used to install a mirror on the wall.

How We Chose These Blob Mirrors

The selection of blob mirrors was based on online ratings and reviews from customers who have purchased these mirrors, ensuring that only well-received options were included.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of the blob mirror trend, including various types of blob mirrors, considerations for purchasing, and insights into the selection process for these mirrors. If you have any further questions or need additional details, feel free to ask!

Out of all the blob mirrors out there, these 9 have serious drip (2024)
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