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Of the many problems you’re faced with when needing to move, you shouldn’t be worrying about hitch installations. Nonetheless, it is one of the things that comes up when you need to move.

First of all, you’re worried about whether your car is compatible with the hitch installation from the moving company.

When using U-Haul as your moving company, it’s easy to find out all about hitch installations and if your car will accept it. U-Haul has a variety of hitch installations for different cars and conditions.

In this article, we are taking a look at some common questions people ask regarding hitch installations. We also answer some questions you might have if you’re looking at moving using U-Haul.

With that said, let’s jump right in.

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U-Haul & Hitch Installations: 8 Quick Questions (Answered) | Motor & Wheels (1)

Do All U-Haul Departments Do Hitch Installations?

With over 1,500 locations all across North America, it is safe to say that most U-Haul departments have hitch installations. Depending on the car model you have, U-Haul will provide matching trailer hitches you’ll need.

Different car makes and models will have different towing equipment needs. A call to your nearest U-Haul branch will help with identifying the kind of equipment you’ll need.

With over 1,500 locations and departments spread out all over North America, you are sure to find one that is nearest to you.

When you give them a call or visit your nearest department or branch, you’ll have to go through a questionnaire. It is designed to determine what your needs are and what kind of towing equipment you will use.

The questionnaire is also made to determine how long your trip will be and whether you need extra equipment. Extra equipment can be in the form of tarps or protective boxing for your valuables.

To offer convenience and quick installations for customers, most U-Haul departments will offer hitch installations.

Does U-Haul Have a Good Reputation for Installing Hitches?

U-Haul prides itself in being North America’s no.1 hitch installer, and this has been proven throughout recent years. It is also the biggest rental truck company, with locations all over the country.

One thing that U-Haul does well is that they make sure that they always have the best equipment available. It is important because people are in stressful situations when moving and need to get the best equipment.

Customers also need to feel safe that their vehicles are in working order when hitched up to a trailer. U-Haul representatives will make sure that you have peace of mind about the equipment provided.

U-Haul is a huge name in the vehicle rental industry and as such, has a great reputation built up. You can also see great reviews online if you are still unsure about their reputation.

U-Haul will also appoint you a trailer professional that will assist you in choosing the right trailer and package. The trailer professional will go through safety tips and tricks for you so that your trip is safer.

What Brand of Hitch Does U-Haul Offer?

U-Haul has decades of experience in hitch system installations and works with multiple vendors and suppliers. With such a long history in the industry, U-Haul works with the best hitch equipment brands to give you the best installation.

A hitch installation appointment will need to be made in order to determine the best equipment and costs.

Customers have different cars, SUVs, and trucks which will need different hitch systems. An appointment sets the time to determine the best hitch set up for your vehicle and trip needs.

There is also a wide variety of hitch setups for biking, boats, ATVs, and haulers. These are readily available at a U-Haul branch near you.

Can You Have U-Haul Install Your Own Hitch?

It is possible for U-Haul to install your own hitch system that you own and brought with you. However, a certified hitch professional will have to test the integrity and wiring of your hitch system and installation.

If you choose to make the hitch installation appointment online, you are eligible for a 10% discount. You not only save money, but you get peace of mind that the installation is done correctly.

What Wiring Does U-Haul Offer for Hitch?

To make sure vehicle lighting corresponds with trailer lighting, U-Haul trailers use a 4-way flat connection.

Most full-size cars will have a 7-way round connection for trailer lighting and this should work well.

Because not all vehicles are the same, not every connection will work the same on every car. A hitch professional should be able to find the right connectors and wiring for your car’s make and model.

A 7-way plug is different from a 4-way plugin in that it has a circuit for electric trailer brakes and reverse lighting. Another great benefit is that it enables circuit charging for the trailer.

The four flat plug or 4-way plug on the other hand only has the electric circuit for lighting, signal, and turn brakes. Unlike the 7-way plug, this one does not have an electronic brake controller.

Most people opt for the 7-way plug because of its versatility and it works well with a wide variety of attached vehicles.

A 7-way plug is also great for long trips that require a hitch for towing bikes, ATVs, and camping vehicles.

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How Much Do Hitch Installations Cost At U-Haul?

Typically, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150 for a hitch consultation and installation from U-Haul. This amount does not include any purchased equipment such as wiring and the actual tow hitch.

Costs for the hitch installation are typically the same from one location to another location. However, you might find that the prices for different tow hitch equipment vary from one branch to the other.

There are also vehicles that are quite hard to fit a hitch installation on and require some custom installation. In some rare cases, you might find that the cost rises to about $100 to $250 because of the equipment and installation.

Another important factor you have to consider is that U-Haul can provide you with a lifetime guarantee to replace your hitch in case of damage.


How Much Does It Cost At a Mechanic?

If you choose to go to a mechanic for your hitch installation, you might expect to pay around $50 to $250. However, you have to keep in mind that the mechanic does not always have all the necessary hitch equipment and parts for your vehicle.

A U-Haul center also uses the best brands when it comes to hitching installations and this offers peace of mind.

Moreover, U-Haul centers have certified professional hitch installers who will know exactly the type of hitch equipment needed.

It might be cheaper to go to your nearest mechanic, but the peace of mind you get from a U-Haul-certified professional is the best.

Some big competitor hitch installers include PEP Boys and Amazon, which both offer competitive prices. You might find that these competitors offer slightly better or worse pricing depending on the location of the branch.


How Long Does It Take?

On average, it can take a U-Haul hitch installation about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The amount of time taken depends on the car model and the types of connection and equipment needed.

In some rare cases, customers were asked to wait until a trailer was returned so that the connection and hitch are available for them.

The level of expertise of the installer and the type of hitch installed are the most time-consuming.

In every U-Haul center, you can wait in the comfortable waiting area if the installation takes longer than usual.

With that said, for a typical car that does not require any special or custom equipment, the average wait time is about 30 minutes.

A hitch installation is best performed under low-pressure situations so as to make sure each is connected properly. Not only is this safe for the customer, but it also means that the hitch company does a great job on the installation.

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