Where To Find the Best Trailer Hitch Installation 2024) (2024)

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Where To Find the Best Trailer Hitch Installation 2024) (2)Written byShane SentelleUpdated 04/17/2024

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A well-installed trailer hitch allows you to tow everything from moving trailers and campers to boats and landscaping equipment. It can help you save money on moving, enable you to transport large loads, and open up a new world of possibilities for outdoor recreation.

The most popular trailer hitch service provider is U-Haul. The company has over 1,500 install locations across the U.S. In this article, we’ll explore where to find the best trailer hitch installation services, how much installation costs, and whether you can tackle the job yourself.

Factors To Consider for Tow Hitch Installation

Start by checking the availability of services in your area when selecting a tow hitch installation provider. Some companies might have longer wait times or limited appointment slots. Equally important is the range of hitch types a facility can install and how much they charge for installation.

Consider the following factors before moving forward with a trailer hitch installation:

Availability: Determine how quickly you can get an appointment and whether the facility’s schedule aligns with yours.

Expertise: Look for a place with experienced technicians who can recommend the right trailer hitch for your needs. Ask about their training and quality control processes. For instance, U-Haul maintains detailed records of all hitch installations, and its installers undergo continuous training on the latest products and techniques.

Pricing: Compare prices on both materials (the hitch itself) and labor (the installation) to find the best deal.

Reputation: Check online third-party customer reviews to assess a company’s service quality and professionalism.

Selection: Make sure the facility can install the type of trailer hitch you need. You should also confirm with your installer that it carries the product you need if you plan to purchase it at its facility.

Warranty: Professional installation should come with a solid warranty on parts and labor. A big red flag is if a company is unwilling to stand behind its work. For example, CURT provides a limited lifetime warranty on its hitches, while U-Haul only charges $5* for a lifetime warranty that covers nearly any type of damage.

Top Service Providers for Trailer Hitch Installation

Various companies offer trailer hitch installation. These include car dealerships, moving truck rental companies, auto parts stores, and auto repair shops.

  • Moving truck rental companies: U-Haul is a popular trailer hitch service provider with over 1,500 install locations across the U.S. Enter your vehicle year, make, and model on the U-Haul website, and the company will recommend compatible products. It sells various towing accessories, including bike racks, cargo carriers, ball mounts, and hitches from top brands. Many U-Haul locations offer same-day walk-in installations, or you can book an appointment online. Scheduling a trailer hitch installation through U-Haul is especially convenient if you already plan to rent a U-Haul trailer.
  • Auto repair shop: You can contact a local mechanic after you to purchase the hitch yourself from Amazon, AutoZone, or another retailer. Hitch installation is a relatively simple task that your mechanic should be able to handle. However, the difficulty level may be higher for heavy-duty hitches and those requiring a wiring harness.
  • Car dealerships: Car dealerships also offer factory-certified trailer hitches and professional installation services tailored to your vehicle’s make and model. Some car owners get their trailer hitch installed at their local Pep Boys, or you can look at the CURT searchable database for local dealers and installers.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Trailer Hitch?

Trailer hitch installation costs vary depending on the type of hitch you choose and your vehicle model. Pricing also varies by location. According to U-Haul, you can expect to pay around $100–$600 for trailer hitch installation, depending on the price and availability of necessary parts. This cost includes both parts and labor. Installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two to three hours.

Receiver hitches are the most common and versatile option to install. They attach to a vehicle’s frame and have a weight capacity ranging from 2,000–20,000 pounds. A basic light-duty receiver hitch will be on the lower end of the cost spectrum. More expensive options include heavy-duty receiver hitches, fifth-wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches, weight distribution hitches, and pintle hitches.

*Cost data via U-Haul.

The type of hitch you need is determined by what you plan to tow and the gross trailer weight (GTW) involved. Generally, the higher the towing capacity and the more modifications needed to install the hitch, the more the installation will cost. Expect to pay extra if you need to install a wiring harness for trailer lights or other hitch accessories.

Steps to follow

Can I Install a Trailer Hitch Myself? (DIY Guide)

You can install a trailer hitch yourself if you have the right tools and some basic automotive skills. Installing a hitch yourself will save you money and give you a better understanding of how your hitch system works.

The dropdown tabs below explain the steps to install a trailer hitch on your own:

You’ll need a ratchet, ratchet extension, socket set, swivel set, torque wrench, and trailer hitch kit. You may also need a floor jack and stands, but this will depend on the hitch type, vehicle, and workspace. Confirm that the hitch kit includes all mounting hardware for the installation.

Lift the rear of your vehicle and secure it using jack stands if necessary. Identify where you’re installing the hitch and remove any existing hardware or obstructions, such as a spare tire.

Align the hitch with the existing bolt holes in the frame and attach it loosely using the provided hardware. Use a torque wrench to tighten bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Double-check all the bolts and connections. Perform a few test drives with a light load, such as an empty trailer, before using your vehicle to tow heavy objects, such as an ATV or another vehicle.

Our Conclusion

Installing a trailer hitch can significantly enhance the utility of your vehicle. Professional installation is available at U-Haul locations nationwide, or you can go to your local mechanic or car dealership. DIY installation is also a feasible option if you’d like to save a little money.

FAQ About Trailer Hitch Installation

What is the best trailer hitch on the market?

The best trailer hitch on the market depends on your towing needs and vehicle type. A Class 2 or Class 3 receiver hitch is sufficient for most people. Popular brands include Reese, Draw-Tite, and CURT.

How can a trailer be towed without a hitch?

We don’t recommend towing a trailer for a short distance without a hitch. Some state laws may even require the use of a trailer hitch, drawbar, or similar device.

What is the best trailer hitch installation service?

We recommend U-Haul as the best trailer hitch installation service. U-Haul is available in all 50 states, and many locations offer same-day walk-in service.

How long does a trailer hitch installation take?

A trailer hitch installation can take 30 minutes to three hours. Your vehicle and hitch type will also affect the installation time.

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